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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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White/Miller Family Photos

Eliza Miller White
Mother of Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims, widow of Alexander White, Civil War Soldier

Margaret Ellen White & husband James Cain
Margaret is the sister of our great-grandmother Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims
William Morgan White & his wife Viola Jackson
William was a brother of our great-grandmother, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims
Benjamin Franklin White
He was the brother of our great-grandmother, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims
Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims about 1930
Youngest daughter of Alexander & Eliza Miller White/husband, Newton Gilbert Sims
William & Viola White & Marshall girls
William is a brother of our great-grandmother, Ruth White Sims

Attention:  The true identity of the following photo has been found!!  This is Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson Clark, husband, Quinton, daughter Hester, and son Harry Clark. 
Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson's parents were James Monroe and Elizabeth Miller Wilkerson. 
Elizabeth Miller Wilkerson was the twin sister of Eliza Miller White, my gr-gr-grandmother. 
The photo was in a collection that my mother Thelma Horner Taylor had and I found when she died.  I made the mistake of believing what was written on the back and it identified Mary Elizabeth as Elizabeth Sims, Quinton as just "husband", Harry as Will Sims, Hester as Bernice Sims. 
Seeing this family as the only one in our family that I knew of at the time as having a daughter and a son about that age, I assumed that this was Newton Sims, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White and their daughter (my grandmother) and son William Sims.
Just this week, October 2005, I have made contact with a family member of Quinton and Elizabeth Wilkerson Clark and got it all straighted out. 
Neat how this photo was in the collection of my
Great-great-grandma Eliza Miller White. 
 I will update all my family tree sites soon to add the new family members.  Sorry about this mix up.  This is why we should "never" "assume" that the back of photos give us the true identity of the person in the photo. 
Still looking for a photo of Newton Gilbert Sims!! 

Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson Clark Family
Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson, husband Quinton Clark, children Hester and Harry Clark

Just found the photo of Ruth Elizabeth Jane White Sims!! This completes the family of Alexander and Eliza Miller White.
The Whites and Millers were living in Marshall County, West Virginia in the mid 1800's.  Some were born in PA. 

If you have any comments about my White Photos or of the family please feel free to e-mail me at: 
Love to have more White family photos also if anyone knows of any!