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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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About Us

Hello everyone.  I am Carol and this is my photo site.  Hope you enjoy all the pictures and please stop back again for more pictures and some information about my family. 

This is our family in July 2004
Back row: Joseph, Brenda & David Jr. Front: David & Carol (daughter Roxanne is not in the picture)

Here is another picture of our family.

Taken sometime in 1957 when I was just about 1 year old

Norma and Carol (Me) about 1959
Look at those hair cuts! Daddy didn't know when to stop on the bangs did he?

Our youngest son, Joseph Edward Lanza
Age 3

I'll be adding more pictures of the family soon!  Check back.

Our Favorite Things

I'm Carol & what I love to do in my spare time is "Genealogy"; Surprised??
Well, don't be!  I've been researching my family history and that of my husband's family for more than 4 years now and it's been quite an adventure!
I have over 3,500 people listed in my data now after starting with only about 100.  If you would like to take a look at my tree, check out my links on the main page. 
The part I've enjoyed the most is learning about is how we are like we are, because of our ancestors.  I've learned to appreciate them and the hard times they went through so we, their descendants, could have a better life.
I hope you enjoy this site and if you are family and have group pictures or any others, I would love to add them to this site. 
 My e-mail is on the main page also, or here is another link to my e-mail:
Thanks for checking out my new site!
Hope you come back again!

Our oldest son, David Glen Lanza Jr.
Age 4

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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album