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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Taylor Family Photos

Peters Creek United Presbyterian Church
Old Building, William Taylor family took care of from abt. 1900 til 1930. In background the house.

House next to Peters Creek Church
This is the house where the Taylor children were born & the cemetery is on the hill behind it.

The church building is behind the trees on the right.  This was taken about 1950.  The house and stable were torn down soon after this picture was taken.  There is a gravel parking lot on this spot now.  The Taylor family took care of this church and the cemetery including digging graves by hand from about 1900 until William's death in 1930.  A new church was built across the road in the 1960's.

These are the children of William Charles Taylor and Jessie Dennis.
These children are in order of their birth.  Under each of these people are some of each of their children. 
I don't have photos of all of them but I will put on as many as I have. 

Charles Weygandt Taylor
Uncle Charlie taken in 1977.

James Maynard Taylor
Son of Charles and Ora Jean Crouse Taylor

Emaline Amelia Taylor McKuhn
Our Aunt Em, taken in 1980

James Ray McKuhn, taken July 2004
Oldest son of Emaline Taylor and Raymond McKuhn

John McKuhn taken July 2004
Son of Emaline Taylor and Raymond McKuhn

James Miller Taylor & grandson Herbert Henry III
Taken about 1960 in Florida

Jim and Naomi White Taylor

Naomi June Taylor, husband Andrew Bezden & childre
Oldest daughter of James and Naomi White Taylor

Elizabeth Jane Taylor & my oldest son David Jr.
Taken in 1981 at Aunt Jane's apartment in Dormont, PA

Lucy Mae Taylor Harrer & neice Betty Taylor
Taken at the "Cooper" farm off Rt. 18 near Hickory, PA "Aunt Mae" is another sister of Albert

Albert Ewart Taylor
Taken when he was about 16 years old

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As you can see, I have a photo of our Uncle Jim now and there are a few more I will post soon.  I am very thankful to Uncle Jim's son-in-law, Herbert Henry II for sharing them with us. 
I'm still looking for any of John Watson Taylor, the youngest of the Taylor children who died when he was 7 years old.  If anyone knows of any pictures, please let me know.  There may not have be any photos of John Watson ever taken.   

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