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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Newer Family Photos

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Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite people.
Love to have more so if you want me to add some please send them to me at:

The 6 children of Albert & Thelma Taylor, 2004
Taken at luncheon after Daddy's funeral, July 12, 2004

5 of the Taylor 6, July 10, 2004, Warren, OH
Albert Ewart Taylor 90th Birthday
June 24, 2002

This is Albert Taylor, my dad, celebrating his 90th birthday in 2002.   He is now almost 92 and enjoys being that old.  Always tells people he is even older than 92. 

Mom at their 50th Anniversary Reception
September 23, 1989

Thelma Gertrude Horner Taylor, taken September 23, 1989 on the event of her 50th Anniversary Party, Washington, PA. 

Christmas 2003 Dad, Thelma June & Carol
Dad is 91 years young in this picture

Dad & Mom at their 50th Anniversary Reception
September 23, 1989 Wedding Anniversary Reception Dinner

Mom & Dad renewing their wedding vows
September 23, 1989, Jefferson Ave. United Methodist Church, Washington, PA, Thelma June & Carol
Mom & Dad at their 50th Anniversary
Behind is Sam & Shirley Lanza, Carol's in-laws
Mom and Dad, Easter 1993 in Warren, OH
Taken at the Disabled American Veterans Building

Mom & grandsons Joseph & David Lanza Jr.
Mom's last Christmas with us, 1996

Mom & Dad, April 1997
Last photo taken of Mom and Dad together

Joseph Lanza & his homecoming date 2004

Albert and his son Bill Taylor
Taken in May of 1997

Dad and Bill taken the day of Mom's funeral, May 9, 1997.

6 Children of Albert Taylor 1997
Here we are with Dad just after Mom's funeral in May of 1997.  We haven't gotten together like this very much since we all left home. 

Norma & her new hubby Carl at my house 2003

My son David Jr. & Dad, summer 2001
Taken on Dad's 89th birthday at my house

Mom & Dad eating their 50th Anniversary Cake 1989
They never had a wedding cake or reception when they married but they got one 50 years later!!

Mom & Dad after Ceremony renewing their vows
September 23, 1989, 50th Anniversary, Carol, Thelma June, Mom, Dad & Bill

Mom & Joseph
Last photo of her before she passed away April 1997

Joseph Lanza Feb. 2003
Silver Key Art Award, His picture next to his right elbow

Joseph Lanza 2003

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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album