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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Horner Family Pictures

Melvin & Bernice Sims Horner 1915
Taken at Niagara Falls after they married

Pictures of our older Horner ancestors.
Melvin Edward Horner 1910
Our Grandpap
Bernice Eliza Sims Horner
Our Grandmother

Melvin Edward Horner, born September 14, 1881, Wellsburg, Brooke Co., WV; married Bernice Eliza Sims, November 4, 1915 at the Jefferson Ave. United Methodist Church, Washington, PA; died July 30, 1965, in Washington, PA; son of Obediah Marshall Horner and Arra Bell Baker Horner.
Bernice Eliza Sims Horner, born November 4, 1883, WV; died July 26, 1943, in Washington County, PA; daughter of Newton Gilbert Sims and Ruth Elizabeth Jane White.

Obediah Marshall Horner
Father of Melvin, husband of Arra Bell Baker
Arra Bell Baker Horner
Mother of Melvin and wife of Obediah Horner
Ella Horner
Daughter of Obediah and Arra Bell Baker Horner
Stella Mae Horner Hathaway
Oldest daughter of Obediah and Arra Bell Baker Horner