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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Dedication to Daddy

On this day, July 6, 2004, our father, Albert Ewart Taylor went home to be with Jesus and our mother.  He was born June 24, 1912 in Venetia, Peters Twp., Washington County, PA, the son of William Charles Taylor and Jessie Dennis Fife Taylor. 
He was the 6th child of 7 for William and Jessie, although they both had been widowed and had children with their first spouses. 
William had 5 sons with his first wife Mary and Jessie had 4 children with first husband, George Fife. 
Albert's mother passed away in 1920 when he was only 8 years old and then his father passed away in 1930 when he wasn't yet 18 years old. 

Albert Ewart Taylor age 16
Dad about age 16 years, found this in his wallet

Albert Ewart Taylor on his 90th Birthday 2002

On September 23, 1939 Albert married the love of his life, Thelma Gertrude Horner.  She was the daughter of Melvin Edward and Bernice Eliza Sims.  Thelma was born on August 3, 1919 in Canton Twp., Washington County, PA.