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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Sims Family Photo Page

Below is a photo of Bernice Eliza Sims with her class in grade school.

Bernice Eliza Sims with her classmates
Center back row below arrow. Taken in Moundsville, WV

Bernice Eliza Sims about 1910
Taken in Moundsville, WV
William Alexander Sims (Uncle Will)
Brother of Bernice Eliza Sims Horner

Bernice Eliza Sims & her husband Melvin Horner
At Niagara Falls after they married in 1915

Some of Bernice's family about 1934
Bernice is holding flowers, husband Melvin, daughter Thelma, son Ellis on right.
Bernice Eliza Sims Horner about 1940
Taken at her home in Canton Twp., Washington Co., PA

William Alexander Sims & wife Hattie about 1958

Will Sims & wife Hattie with grandchildren
About 1958

Mildred Sims & Ken Baum on their wedding day 1946
Mildred is the daughter of William & Hattie Sims

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The following photos are of Newton Gilbert Sims' third family with Arizona Schoolcraft.

We did not know of this family until I found Fred Sims' step-daughter Christine in Parkersburg, WV with the help of another cousin.

Newton was our great-grandfather and he was married three times. Our great-grandmother, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White was his second wife.

His first wife was Margaret Jane Hall from Gilmer County, WV. With her he had a daughter Mary Susan Sims.

I will add photos of her and her children soon.

Thanks to Christine and Sheila King Hall for the photos!

(New cousins)

Fred and Icie would be our Grandmother Bernice Sims Horner's, half-brother and sister. That would make them our mother's uncle & aunt. Our great-uncle and great-aunt.

Their children would be our mother's 1st cousins. At this time I'm pretty sure that Bernice had no knowledge of them nor of her other half sister Mary Susan Sims from Newton's first marriage.

Icie Lurinia Sims
Newton's daughter with third wife Arizona Schoolcraft
Freddie Gilbert Sims with mother Arizona
Fred Sims with his step-daughter Christine Wallace
Christine's mother was Fred's second wife
Fred Sims with his horses
Leroy Sims, Fred son with first wife, Stella Pritt
Rhoda Mae Sims, Fred's daughter
Rhoda Mae Sims with husband Clifford ??
On their Wedding Day

Arizona Schoolcraft/King/Sims/Bailey
Newton Sims third wife & the mother of Fred and Icie

Christine Wallace/husband/mother & grandson
Christine's mother was Mandie Parsons Sims, Fred's second wife. He raised Christine as his own.

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The Newton Sims and Margaret Jane Hall Family

The following are pictures of The Newton Gilbert Sims' first family with Margaret Jane Hall. They only had 1 daughter, Mary Susan Sims. Mary would marry a Joseph L. Conley and they had many children. Take a look at some of these photos and I think you will be able to see the family resemblence to our mother Thelma. Mary Susan Sims Conley was Mom's aunt.

Obituary of Mary Susan Sims Conley
Newton's daughter with Margaret Jane Hall

Nora & Cora Conley
Twin daughters of Mary Susan Sims & granddaughters of Newton Gilbert Sims
5 generations of the Mary Sims Conley family

5 generations Photo: Back Row: left to right: Nora Conley Cottrell, (Mary's daughter), Dessie Cottrell King, (Nora's daughter, Mary's granddaughter); Shirley King Reip (Dessie's daughter, Mary's great granddaughter).

Front Row: Mary Susan Sims Conley and gr-gr-grandson, Richard Reip, (Shirley's son)

Thanks so much to Sheila King Hall for all the photos of Mary Susan Sims Conley family! Nora & Cora were twin daughters of Mary Susan Sims and Joseph Conley.

Sheila is a great-granddaughter of Mary Sims Conley through Mary's daughter, Nora. Dessie Cottrell King, in above 5 generations photo is Sheila's mother

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