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Our Taylor/Horner Family Photo Album

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Most Recent Family Photos

The Taylor Six, July 2004
Taken after Dad's funeral, July 12, 2004

These are photos of what our family looks like now, with all the additions of children, spouses and others that affect our lives. 

Norma's Family

This is the most recent photo of Norma's family taken on her wedding day, January 17, 2004.  She married Carl Tarajkowski.

The new Tarajkowski Family
January 2004
Norma's children are on the left and Carl's children on the right. 

Kevin and Bridget Duzy
about 1994

Elizabeth & Travis Foster, November 2003
The newly weds of 2003

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Bill's Family

Bill and his youngest son David
Taken in 1997 at David's wedding

     I would love to have pictures of Bill's other children.  If anyone has any recent photos, please send them to me. 
    Please encourage other members of our family to contribute to this site.  Everyone in the family gains. 
    I'm hoping this will be a great exchange of photos for all of us!

Renea Taylor and Alexis
Alexis age 4 1/2 months, December 28, 2002 /Isn't she a beautiful Taylor!!

Alexis Taylor
At Gr-Grandpa Taylor's funeral, July 12, 2004

Carol's Family

Carol and hubby David Christmas 2002
Joseph Edward Lanza, age 18, Senior picture
Carol's youngest son

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I need photos of your families.  Recent photos are great for this page but I would love to have old photos too. 
Baby pictures of your kids too would be great.
Keep checking back often to see more new additions.
Love to all!