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Lanza/Meier Family Photo Album

Meier Family & all connecting families

This page is dedicated to photos from all the branches of the Meier family. 
Surnames include but are not limited to:
I hope you enjoy the photos and will send me some that you might have too so that we can make this a wonderful site for the whole family! 

Albert & Emma Meier family 1902
Karl Albert & Emma with their children in front of home in Spirit, Price Co., Wis., 1902

This is the family of Carl Albert & Emma Marheine Meier.
Front:  Edward, Gertrude, Minnie, John
Back:  George, Leonard, Emma holding Roy, Ellen, Carl Albert, Fred & Albert.
Edward Meier is my husband's grandfather.
The Meier lived in Spirit, Price County, Wisconsin.  They would have four more children in the coming years making a total of 14 children. 

Karl Albert & Emma Marheine Meier Family in 1909
Karl Albert & Emma on their front porch in Spirit, Price Co., Wisconsin 1909

From Left:  Albert, Roy, Fred, John, George, Edward, Leonard, Carl Albert (father), Carl, Emma (mother), Ellen, Minnie, Emma, Gertrude. 
Wonder what they were all dressed up for?  A wedding perhaps?
This photo was taken at the Meier homestead in Spirit, Price County, Wisconsin.

Siegfried Meier
Civil War

Siegfried Meier, sons and grandsons
Siegfried with two of his sons and 8 of his grandsons

Back:  Albert, John, Edward, George, Fred, Leonard,
Front:  Hank/Henry (Siegfried's son) Roy, Siegfried (with canes), Carl Albert, sitting in big chair, (aka, Albert or Al, Siegfried's son and father of all the boys) and Carl.
Picture was taken in 1909 at the home of Albert and Emma Meier, Spirit, Price County, Wisconsin.

Albert and Emma's complete Family in 1914
The whole family

Back:  Minnie, Edward, Leonard, John, George, Gertrude, Ellen, Roy, Fred, Emma, Albert
Front:  Emma (mother), Carl (taller one), Henry, and Carl Albert (father)
This was taken about 1914 at their home in Spirit, Price County, Wisconsin.

Some Marheine Family
Clara Rhody Marheine, her daughter, granddaughter & gr-granddaughter. Clara married Walter Marheine

This is the wife (Clara) and family of Walter Marheine, brother of Emma Marheine Meier.  Hulda, Clara Rhody/Marheine's mother, delivered most, if not all of Emma Meier's 14 children. 
Hulda is on the right with Clara on the left and Clara's daughter and granddaughter also in the middle.
The name Rhody was spelled different (Rohde I believe) before it was changed to the present spelling. 
The Meier family is connected to the Rhody family also through Ellen Meier's husband Henry Rhody.  Henry was a brother of Clara Rhody Marheine.
Ellen was the oldest daughter of Albert and Emma Marheine Meier and a sister of Edward Meier.
This photo was shared with me by one of Clara's ancestors.  Thank you very much!

Siegfried & Evarosine Falikowski Meier
Siegfried in his Civil War Uniform and his wife Eva

Siegfried Meier and his wife, Evarosine Falikowski Meier.
Siegfried is in his Civil War uniform.  He served in Company "H" of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry having a rank of Sgt.
He served from 1862 until 1865.
Siegfried arrived in this country from Germany on; August 1, 1857, at the New York port with his wife, listed as "Rosine" Meyer on the ship "Frang McHenry".  He was 25 and she was 24.
Siegfried and Eva divorced about 1897 and he remarried to Cecelia Beyer in 1899. 

Frederick & Henrietta Mohrhoff Marheine

Frederick Marheine and Henrietta Mohrhoff married in 1886.
Frederick served in the Civil War and lost sight in his right eye when wounded at Colds Bridge, Missouri in 1865. 
 They had 8 children, one of which was Emma Marheine Meier.

Frederick Henry Marheine - Civil War Photo
He served in Company "C", & Company "K" of the 52 Wisconsin Infantry in 1865

Private Frederick Henry Marheine, Co. "C", 53rd Wisconsin Infantry. 
Wounded at Colds Bridge, Missouri in 1865 and lost sight in his right eye.  

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