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       David and Carol's family members that have served or are serving at this time in the
United States Military.
 The left column is David's family and the right
                          is Carol's family.
David's family
Samuel Edward Lanza Sr.
U. S. Marine Corps, WWII


Samuel Edward Lanza Sr., served from March 10, 1944 until August 12, 1946. 
He was a Rifleman with Company K, 3rd Batt., 1st Reg., 1st Marine Div. 
 He took part in the third assault on Okinawa, Japan, April 1, 1945.  After 22 days of fierce fighting, he took a hit from a satchel charge which blew off parts of his right arm, hand, leg and buttocks.  He was promoted to Corporal the day he was dischanged with 100 % disability.  He refused to be "disabled" his whole life and went on to work for the Army, taking care of a wife and raising 7 children & raising some of his grandchildren.
On May 24, 1946 he married Shirley Joyce Meier in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She was from Wisconsin.  They had 7 children; Margaret (Peggy), Linda, Sam Jr., Elaine, Marilyn, David and Edward. 
He is the grandfather of 8, great-grandfather of 13 and great-great-grandfather of 4. 
He is David's father.

Joseph Lee Lanza, 1918 WWI

Joseph Lee Lanza Sr., World War I.  U.S. Army, did his training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  He was not even a citizen of the United States when he served in the Army. 
He was from Sicily and finally became a citizen many years after the war.
He is the father of Samuel, Charles & Louis Lanza, also on this page.
He also had one daughter Lena Lanza Clark and one son, Joseph Jr. who died in infancy. 
He is the grandfather of David Lanza Sr.

Louis Lanza, U. S. Army WWII 1942

Louis Lanza, United States Army, WWII, 1942.  He served from 1942 until 1973 after more than 31 years of service. 
Along with his unit, the 4th Armored Division, he landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day. 
He retired in 1973 as 1st Sgt.
He is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas as is his wife. 
He married Katharina (Karen) Hauch.  They had 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters.
He is an uncle to David Lanza Sr., brother to Samuel Lanza Sr., pictured above, and the son of Joseph Lee Lanza, also above.

Charles J. Lanza, U.S. Army World War II

Charles J. Lanza Sr., U. S. Army, World War II, 1942.  I will get more information about his service years soon. 
He married Clemetine Manna, February 27, 1946 in Warren, OH and they had three sons, Charles Jr., Joseph Lee II, and Thomas and one daughter Kathy. 
He is a brother of Samuel Lanza. 

Mark Eugene Swope Sr. U. S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force Presidential Honor Guard Percision Drill Team

Mark Eugene Swope Sr., United States Air Force Presidential Honor Guard Percision Drill Team, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.
During his tour of duty, Mark traveled with the Honor Guard Drill team to many states and countries and even appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
Mark enlisted in the Air Force after High School graduation on September 7, 1990 and was discharged July 26, 1996.  He then served in the Air Force Reserves until 1997 or early 1998.  His last duty station was Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. 
Mark is now a police officer.
Mark is the father of one son, Mark Jr.
Mark is a grandson of Samuel & Shirley Meier Lanza Sr.; great-grandson of Joseph Lee Lanza Sr. and a nephew of David Lanza Sr.  
We are all very proud of the person you have become Mark! 
God Bless you always. 

Sgt. Siegfried Meier 1864
Company H, 28th Wisconsin Infantry, Civil War
Sgt. Siegfried Meier, Company H, 28th Wisconsin Infantry, Civil War.
Enlisted August 20, 1862, at Muskego, Wisconsin.  He had the rank of Private until August 1, 1864, Corpl. until January 22, 1865 when he was promoted to Sgt.
According to his pension records, he had blue eyes, light hair, light complexion and was 5 ft. 5 in. tall.
He was discharged, August 23, 1865 at Brownsville, Texas.
He was born February 22, 1831 in Shuben, Germany and came to this country August 1, 1857.  He was married to Evarosine Falikowski and with her they had 11 children.  They were divorced in 1889 and he remarried in 1899 to Cecelia Beyer. 
He lived in the Wisconsin Veteran's Home when he died, going there about 1911. 
He died on October 11, 1913 and is buried in Silver Lake Cemetery, Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin.
He is the great-great-grandfather of David Lanza Sr. on his mother's side of the family. 
Frederick Henry Marheine, Civil War

Pvt Frederick Henry Marheine, Company C and Company K, 53rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. 
Frederick was wounded in his right eye and lost sight in it. 
He was discharged at the end of the war in 1865.
Frederick is the great-great-grandfather of David Lanza Sr. on his mother's side.  Frederick's daughter, Emma, married Albert Meier, son of Siegfried Meier above. 

William Nolan Cassel Civil War

William Nolan Cassel, Civil War.  At age 17, in 1862, he enlisted in Company "H", 21st Iowa Infantry.  He served until the end of the war in 1865.  
His obituary states:  "William Cassel served his country with courage and fidelity as a soldier during the Civil War.  He was a charter member of the John Green Post, G.A.R. at Eau Galle, Wisconsin and an active and zealous member of the Grand Army whose memory will be cherished by his comrades who still linger on this side of the borderline." 
He died in the National Soldiers Home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 5, 1919.  He was laid to rest in Waubeek Cemetery, Dunn County, Wisconsin where his father Jacob Cassel is also buried. 
He was the great-uncle of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and the father of Gordon Cassel.

Edward Gustav Meier
U.S. Army World War I

Edward served during World War I in Europe.  He was wounded but was treated and sent back.  He received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.  He was the son of Albert Karl Meier and Emma Marheine.  His daughter, Shirley Joyce Meier-Lanza. 

Leonard Meier, World War I

Leonard A. Meier, U. S. Army, World War I, Cavalry.  Leonard is a brother of Edward Meier and an uncle of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza.  His grandfathers were Siegfried Meier and Frederick Marheine, Civil War soldiers, photos on this page. 

George Meier Jr., U. S. Marine Corps, Korean War


George Walter Meier Jr., U. S. Marine Corps served during the Korean War and was wounded in both legs. 
He is a son of George Walter Meier Sr. and Sadie Salverson and a grandson of Carl Albert  Meier and Emma Marheine and a great-grandson of Siegfried Meier and Frederick Marheine.
He was born October 22, 1929 in Wisconsin and died March 11, 1992.
Paul Meier, U. S. Army, WWII 1943

Paul Meier, U. S. Army, World War II, taken about 1943.  He is the oldest son of Albert Meier and Mamie Olson. 
He is also the grandson of Carl Albert Meier and Emma Marheine and the great-grandson of Siegfried Meier and Evarosine Falikowski and the great-grandson of Frederick Marheine and Henriette Mohrhoff. 

Allison Reese Meier
Shirley Meier Lanza's brother

Allison Reese Meier, U. S. Army.  He is the older brother of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and the son of Edward and Connie Cassel Meier. 

Richard James Meier, U. S. Army

Richard James Meier, U. S. Army.  Younger brother of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and the son of Edward and Connie Cassel Meier. 

Taylor/Horner Family
Carol's family.
Sgt. William Albert Taylor, 1965
U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam Veteran


Another Marine! 
William Albert Taylor, U.S. Marines. 
Served from 1964 until 1970. 
Went to the Dominican Republic right out of boot camp and fought there about 1964, 14 months in Vietnam in 1965, reenlisted and was stationed at Pearl Harbor until he was discharged. 
Bill is the father of three sons, Jeff, Greg, and David and three daughters, Renea, Kae and Krissy. 
He is Carol's brother.

Gladys Marie Taylor McTheny
U. S. Army, Ft. McClellen, Alabama 1961

Gladys Marie Taylor joined the Army out of High School in 1961.  She served at Ft. McClellen, Alabama and Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland. 
 She married a service man from West Virginia that she met while in the service. She is the mother of one daughter and five grandsons, the oldest serving in the U. S. Navy at this time. 
She is Carol's sister.

Brian Lee Holcomb, U. S. Navy

Brian Lee Holcomb, United States Navy.  Brian is the son of Ruth McTheny Hamrick and the grandson of Marie Taylor McTheny, above.
He is serving at this time.
We are very proud of you Brian and may God Bless you and keep you safe! 

PFC Frank William Brewer
U.S. Marine Corps

Pfc Frank William Brewer has completed bootcamp at the Camp Pendleton, CA recruit training station November 22, 2006.  He got the promotion to Pfc at the completion of his training.  We are very proud of him!
He is the son of Norma Taylor Tarajkowski and the nephew of Carol Taylor Lanza.

Travis Foster, U.S. Marine Corps

Yes, another Marine!!
Travis Foster, United States Marine Corps, our new nephew, my niece's husband.  Welcome to the family Travis and may God Bless you and keep you!
As of September 2004 Travis has completed his duty in Iraq and is safe at home with his beautiful bride!!  He has as of June 2005, reenlisted in the Marine Corps.  As of September 2005 Travis and his beautiful bride as the proud parents of a son, Ayden Taylor Foster.  (Wonder where the "Taylor" name came from??)
We are so thankful for his safe keeping by the Lord and for his safe return home to American soil!!
From all the family, we "Thank You" for serving your country well and we wish you a future full of peace and joy!

David Glen Lanza Jr.


Pvt. David Glen Lanza Jr., U. S. Marine Corps, Parris Island, South Carolina, 1999.  He did his bootcamp at Parris Island, SC from October 1998 to January 1999, and his combat training at Camp Giger, near Camp Lejune, North Carolina.  Received a meritorous promotion to PFC at the completion of bootcamp. 

He received his training as a cook at Ft. Lee, Virginia and was sent to Okinawa, Japan in 1999 to 2000.  He was promoted to Lance Cpl. while in Okinawa, Japan.

He was then stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina. 

He was discharged in 2002 after serving for 4 years.  David is the oldest son of David Sr. and Carol Taylor Lanza. 

Sgt. William Harold Sims
U. S. Army, WWII, Killed in action, France

Staff Sgt. William Harold Sims, U.S. Army, World War II.  He served in the 101st Airborn Division, 401st Glider Infantry Regiment. 
He was shot down a few days after the Invasion of Normany in 1944. 
His body was never found, according to family records. 
There is a tombstone for him in the North Salem Lutheran Cemetery, Sycamore, Ohio.  The same cemetery where his parents are buried, William Alexander Sims and Harriet Gantz Sims.  He never married. 
There is a photo of his tombstone on the Tombstone site. 
He went by "Harold". 
He was the first cousin of Thelma Horner Taylor. 

Newton Gilbert Sims, 9th WV Infantry, Civil War

Newton Gilbert Sims, U. S. Army, Company B, 9th West Virginia Infantry, Civil War, the Union Army. 
Newton enlisted at the age of 16 (told them he was 18) November 6, 1861 at the beginning of the War of the Rebellion. 
He was slightly wounded during his tour of duty in which he collected a Civil War pension of $8 a month! (he shot his own finger)
He didn't get out of the Army until the end of the war in 1865. 
He was born March 7, 1845 in Jane Lew, Lewis County, West Virginia, son of John W. Sims and Elizabeth Romine.  He was born March 7, 1845 in Jane Lew, Lewis County, West Virginia, son of John W. Sims and Elizabeth Romine.  
Newton was married three times, 1st  to Margaret Jane Hall, married during the war and they had one daughter, Mary Susan Sims. 
His 2nd marriage was to our gr-grandmother, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White in 1881, in which there were two children born, William Alexander and Bernice Eliza Sims. 
Ruth's father, Alexander White, was killed in Winchester, VA in 1861 while fighting for the Union in the Civil War.  She was only 5 years old. 
Newton's 3rd marriage was to Arizona Schoolcraft, in 1903.  There were two more children to this union, Freddie Gilbert and Icy Lurinia Sims. 
He died November 30, 1919 in Orma, Calhoun Co., WV and is buried in Carpenter Cemetery, Orma, WV.  
He is the grandfather of our mother Thelma Horner Taylor and is our gr-grandfather.  He died the year she was born. 
See photo of him and his second family on my Family Photo site, Sims Photo page. I hope someday to find a photo of him in his uniform. 

Leroy Sims, U. S. Army

Leroy Sims, U. S. Army.  Leroy is the son of Freddie Gilbert Sims and Stella Pritt in West Virginia.  He was born about 1927.
Not much is known about Leroy.  His photo was shared with me by relatives. 
Leroy's grandfather was Newton Gilbert Sims, Civil War Soldier.  He was from Newton's third marriage. 

Ellis Marian Horner, U.S. Army World War II

Ellis Marian Horner, U. S. Army, World War II.  We don't know much about Ellis' military history, only that he served during WWII. 
Ellis is the father of two children, Ellis and Phyllis Horner and the grandfather of 4. 
Ellis is an uncle of Carol, and the youngest brother of Thelma Horner Taylor.

Widow of Alexander White, Civil War Soldier

Widow of Alexander White, killed in battle of Winchester, VA, Civil War. 
I don't have a photo of Alexander or of his tombstone because he is buried on the battlefield near Winchester, VA.  Winchester being a "southern" city, his company had to retreat fast after loosing the battle.  The next month, after his death, his company was in Gettysburg, PA for the battle there. 
He "mustered" into the U. S. Union Army, Company B, 12th West Virginia Infantry, August 20, 1862.  He had been a farmer, born in Ohio County, WV and lived in Marshall County, WV with his wife Eliza Miller White and four young children,  Margaret Ellen White (Cain), Benjamin Franklin White, William Morgan White and our gr-grandmother, Ruth Elizabeth Jane White (Sims).
June 14, 1863 he was wounded by a shell in his right leg during battle and died June 18, 1863 after amputation of that leg. 
He is our gr-gr-grandfather. 

Thomas Harold McKuhn
U.S. Army, over 30 years

Thomas Harold McKuhn, U.S. Army.  Tommy served in the U.S. Army from about 1957 until he retired after more than 30 years.  I will get more information soon and post it. 
Tommy is Carol's 1st cousin, son of Emaline Taylor McKuhn and Raymond McKuhn.

Kevin Duzy and wife Bridget
U.S. Marine Corps

Kevin Duzy, U.S. Marine Corps.  He did his bootcamp at the Marine Recruit station a Camp Pendleton, CA.  He served as a flight crash and rescue at Yuma, Arizona Marine Base.  He is now a Fireman.  More information needed.  He is the son-in-law of Norma Taylor-Tarajkowski, married to her daughter Bridget.

Carol M. Taylor, U.S. Army Bootcamp
1977 Ft. Jackson, South Carolina

Carol M. Taylor, U.S. Army National Guard serving from June 28, 1976 to June 28, 1979.  Taken at Bootcamp, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina in June of 1977.  Served at Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA in July & Aug of 1977 after completing bootcamp and AIT training at Ft. Jackson. 
 In summer of 1978 Carol's detachment and the Headquarters  Company, traveled to Camp A.P. Hill, Virginia by convoy, a total of about 2300 men and 23 women. 
Carol was trained as a Personnel Records Specialist and served in with Detachment 2, 28th Adjutant General Company, Headquarters Co., 2d Brigade, 28th Infantry Division, PA National Guard, Goodridge Armory, Washington, PA.  While serving she was on the staff of the monthly newspaper, The Sentinel, a newspaper for the Company and did the typing, printing and the art work for The Sentinel. 
She was promoted to Specialist 4th class August 4, 1978.
She also received training as a recruiter and served as a recruiter for the National Guard for 1 year.  She recruited several women for her Detachment while serving. 
When her tour of duty was done, she was discharged and she got married and has two sons, David Jr. and Joseph Lanza. 
Carol is the webmaster of this site.

Edward Albert Meier, U.S. Navy

Edward Albert Meier, U.S. Navy.  Younger brother of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and the son of Edward and Connie Cassel Meier. 

Robert John Meier, U.S. Army

Robert John Meier, U.S. Army.  He is a brother of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and the son of Edward and Margaret Gilmore Meier.

Thomas Arthur Meier, U.S. Army

Thomas Arthur Meier, U.S. Army.  He is a brother of Shirley Joyce Meier Lanza and a son of Edward and Margaret Gilmore Meier. 

Please bear with me as I collect the photos I need for this page and get them online. 
If you don't see someone in the family yet, it's not because I am ignoring them, it's because I don't have a photo yet or haven't scanned them yet. 
Thanks for your patience. 
Please send me you photos of family members in the military.   They don't have to be in their uniforms if you don't have one.  I want to honor all. 

Here is a list of military family members that I need photos for, please help if you can:
David's family:                                          
Ron Allen, Linda Lanza's late husband
Carol's family: 
John McKuhn
James Maynard Taylor        
Leo Fonte
They can be military photos or civilian cloths if you don't have one in uniform.  
If they are deceased I will put on a tombstone photo if that's all I can get. 

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